Fun Facts About Smartphones


Today, mobile phones are a part of our life. Can you imagine waking up and not seeing your smartphone by the bedside? Or not checking your social media apps? But the mobile phones we know have evolved extensively in the past few decades. In fact, the story of mobile phones is nothing short of extraordinary.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting fun facts about smartphones:

1. The first mobile phone to be called a smartphone was in 1997 – the Ericsson GS88 Penelope model

2. More than 60% of users have stopped using watches and alarm clocks since the invention of smartphones

3. We check our mobile phones nearly 150 times a day on average

4. The most expensive mobile phone in the world costs $95.5 million

5. There’s a Google Nexus phone in space that’s going around the earth!

6. The average mobile phone user takes almost 150 pictures every month

7. The first mobile phone cost $4000. Today, Ringing Bells, an Indian company, sells a mobile phone for $4

8. Users downloaded almost 130 billion apps on their smartphones last year!

9. There are more mobile phones today than the number of people in the world! There are nearly 7,500 million phones while only 7,350 million people. Wonder what happens to all the used mobiles?

10. Over 150+ million used mobiles are dumped every year. Ever considered recycling?

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