5 Mobile Technology Trends You Can Expect in 2020


Looking forward to buying a new phone? With the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro, everyone is talking about the new technologies that have taken over the mobile industry. After all, no one can miss the 3 rear cameras that became viral within a day! If you, too, want to stay updated with the latest mobile innovations and technologies and are looking forward to buying a new phone, here’s some insightful information.

1. 5G Phones

While some of us are still struggling with 4G networks in rural areas, 5G is almost here. You can buy a phone that’s 5G compatible so that as soon as it rolls out, you’ll be one of the few people enjoying the incredibly fast speed!

2. Foldable Phones

Samsung has already revealed its prototype of a foldable phone, and we can expect some great new phones that will offer a tablet-like experience when opened, and a pocket-friendly size when closed. If you’re an Apple fan, you might have a wait a little longer as only Android manufacturers are talking about this technology yet!

3. More Camera Lenses

Like mentioned above, this one is here to stay. With the 3 cameras on the new iPhone, you can now also expect a quad-lens camera and something beyond it, too. In fact, LG has been patenting a camera with 16 lenses – hexa lens camera! Wondering what all these lenses do? They offer better optical zoom, smooth the background, and ensure anti-shake measures, while drastically improving the quality of your photographs.

4. Added AI

Artificial Intelligence is already playing a major role in the flagship phones of 2019. Today, phones can recognize your voice, identify a dog and a cat in a photograph, and do a lot more than ever, even without your help! You can expect your phone to do human tasks at lightning speeds as you upgrade to newer models!

5. Transformation in Apps

Ever noticed how much time you spend on mobile apps? With time, the application technology is also changing. Maybe you won’t need to download them on your phone at all. They’ll be accessible on your cloud, making way for progressive web apps. Mobile commerce will also change the way you pay, buy, and embrace a cash-free economy.

If you’re a technology geek, you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying these brand-new innovations in a brand-new phone! Sell your old phone on Yalla Cash today and gear up for some high-tech upgrades!

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