When Does Your Smartphone Become Unsafe to Use?


Wondering how long you should hold onto your smartphone? With new launches coming up every other month, most of us are tempted to embrace new technologies and innovations for better speed, photos, and security. With smartphones, it’s not really about the physical age for how long you can use them, but the kind of software your phone can run and the vulnerability patches that it can upgrade to.

In the case of mobile devices, the security is more in the software than the hardware. That’s why hardware changes are comparatively slower than software changes in the mobile industry. Experts say that you should let your software update automatically whenever possible, especially in the case of iPhones. But when your phone gets older, security issues might start coming up.

Using Old iPhones

Apple is known to support its smartphones for around five years after the launch. This means that the devices get the latest iOS and vulnerability patches for maximum of five years. Although most of us tend to change our phones every two-three years, this is a generous time interval for iPhone users. However, if you like capturing photographs and want the best iPhone yet, it’s always recommended selling your old iPhone at a good price so that the new one is a little more affordable!

Using Old Android Phones

Since Android phones aren’t as standardized as iPhones, gauging their safety limits can be harder. Most Android phones don’t get security updates after three years of their launch. Plus, the product cycle for Android is different from Apple and there are many manufacturers who tend to modify and alter Android in their models. Currently, only Google Pixel guarantees original Android updates. Though Samsung might also give you updates for some years. But if you’re a regular Android phone user, it is best to not use your phone for over three years.

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Remember, your device security matters a lot. Especially since we do so much shopping, banking, and pretty much everything on our phones now. Don’t wait too long to upgrade to a new smartphone!

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